I am a printmaker. Printmaking appeals to my analytical nature, to my attention to detail and to my methodical sensabilities. It also offers me a way to work through my creative blocks. The zen-like process of printing an edition allows me an escape, and sparks new creative endeavors to marinade in the back of my mind. It also offers me a way to see variations of an idea. I can play out "if I do this, then this happens" over and over, and see and compare various states of my original idea.

I am an observational artist, mostly figurative. I have historically been very traditional in my observation, and faithful to what I see, but lately I am interested in abstraction. As an observational artist, I am engaged with abstracting what I see to better convey an idea. I am interested in playing with the believability of my art to the viewer, and the in idea of perceptual art in general.

My art often deals with the complexity of human emotion. I am interested in the "interiority" of facial expressions as well as people's relationship to their environments. The political edge to my work is often a jumping point to explore the effects of an event or situation on individuals. I am also interested in outside forces affecting community, and how a community responds to these forces.